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Bonus Buster:
Lower Lease Rates

As result of the 2013 Bonus Depreciation Rules, Farm Credit Leasing is sharing those tax benefits with our customers through a special lease rate reduction! With qualifying True Tax Leases, Farm Credit Leasing is the tax owner of the asset and can claim 50% Bonus Depreciation against their earnings in 2013, which is a significant tax savings.

Farm Credit Leasing provides two leasing options to Cleary Building customers: True Leases and Conditional Sales.

Either way, we have you covered!

50% bonus depreciation:

Year Conditional Sale True Lease
1 $64,843.75 $17,380
2 $4,511.88 $17,380
3 $4,173.13 $17,380
4 $3,860.63 $17,380
5 $3,570.63 $17,380
6 $3,303.13 $17,380
7 $3,055.00 $17,380
8 $2,826.25 *
9 thru 20 (per year) $2,788.44  
21 $1,394.32  


In 2013, a true lease may be more beneficial
than a conditional sale, even with 50%
depreciation in year 1.

*Upon purchase of the building at the end of the
lease, you may depreciate the building at the
purchase amount as allowed under IRS

When comparing lease options, customers should always consult with their tax advisor.

For more information, contact a Farm Credit Leasing representative at 800-444-2929 ext. 77838 or email


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