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Building Green for long term savings.

"Green building" is based on producing more sustainable buildings and is the basis for the current green building certification systems. These certification systemsencourage many building practices including the use of recycled, regionally produced and rapidly renewable materials. By following these construction methods the building life cycle cost, including your initial purchase, remains low.

Building Life Cycle Cost Benefits

Life cycle cost is a method to determine the entire cost over a product’s
intended life cycle. For buildings, the main factors considered are initial cost,
operating costs, replacements costs and maintenance or repair costs. (6)
Current methods of post-frame construction contain many green elements which
support life cycle costs including: reduced site disturbance, less use of wood to
create the structural system, engineered systems for the roof structure, a
building cavity with room to accommodate insulation to meet International
Energy Conservation Code requirements - a must for many green building
systems, and flexibility of interior design due to the absence of interior structural

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