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When you choose to build a customized Cleary Pre-Engineered Structure (commonly called pole barns or pole buildings) you want the peace of mind that your new building will last a lifetime. By choosing Cleary, we also ensure that the process will be a stress free experience for you and your family. While every building is custom designed there are similar processes Cleary follows whether we' re constructing an efficient business or commercial, a functional storage or suburban building, or an awe-inspiring horse barn or horse arena. Please watch our Building Process video and check out our Features and Benefits section to see what sets Cleary apart from the competition

Structural Design: Specifications and Professional Engineering
Cleary buildings are designed using some of the highest quality lumber grades available.
Trusses and headers are designed in accordance with:
• TPI (Truss Plate Institute) National design standard for metal plate connected wood truss construction.
• National Design Specification (NDS) for wood construction.

Site Selection and Site Preparation Assistance: Cleary Personnel Experience and Assistance
Your Cleary Building Sales Specialist is experienced in layout and design and is equipped with a transit, tapes, and stakes. He will:

• Help you with site selection
• Give you ideas and recommendations on design
• Assist you with site preparation

The three most important considerations when planning a new facility are:
• The correct location
• The site prepared properly
• The right design











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